Helping people achieve better health and well being is very gratifying for me. Your referrals and kind words brighten my day and make me thankful to be in a job I love. Thank you to all those past clients who have given me testimonials to share.


“Aaryan gave me the best massage I have had in a long time. Great style, prefect pressure, found all my sore areas and left me feeling amazing. I am a masseuse myself and am very picky about getting a good massage. I have found the perfect masseuse. I would recommend Aaryan to anyone.”

Jessica (Nana Glen)


“I went to Aaryan for help, mainly with menopausal symptoms. I found Aaryan mature beyond her years, professional and very personable. But best of all Aaryan’s treatment was very effective indeed!

She mixed me a ‘potion’ that was easily administered and ‘tweaked’ on my next visit. I recently did her detox diet and loved it and I think I will be doing that twice a year to re-focus when I waver too far from the right track.

Some of the food and recipes I learned on that diet, I use as regular family staples……”

Margaret (Dural)

~ ~ ~

“I regularly saw Aaryan throughout my pregnancy for both pregnancy massage and her naturopathic support and guidance. Her massage helped ease aches and pains I was experiencing in my lower back as well as assisted with some minor fluid retention I had in my legs and feet. What I enjoyed most however was how relaxing it was and that it allowed me to take some time out for myself, reflect inwards and feel more connected with my growing baby,

Aaryan also provided me with a personal naturopathic and nutritional plan which included lots of tips for pregnancy, the labour and breast feeding. Being a first time mum, I found this to be invaluable! As Aaryan herself was a mother to a young baby, I found her to be a wonderful source of information and advice! I have no doubt that Aaryan’s care helped me achieve a trouble free pregnancy and I have continued to seek her treatment for my post labour recovery. I would recommend her to any pregnant women or new mums”

Jacqui (Dural)

~ ~ ~

“My daughter referred me to her naturopath, Aaryan, when I began to suffer troubling symptoms of menopause. These symptoms included hot flushes, sleeplessness, anxiety and lack of energy and interest in life. As a result of Aaryan’s treatment plan I can report that I am feeling like my old self again. I am happier, sleeping better and the hot flushes have subsided. I am extremely grateful to my daughter for referring me to Aaryan and even more so to Aaryan who has helped me to reclaim my life”

Lyn (Dural)

~ ~ ~

“After being diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequent surgery and treatment in 2007, I developed lymphoedema in my arm. This condition was quite frustrating and at times debilitating. I learnt the process of self-massage and management was a start.

Then I found Aaryan who provided me with weekly lymphatic drainage massages which has helped me enormously. It is wonderful having the added professional support to manage my condition and to have some quality, relaxing time too.

Aaryan is a warm and caring person and I would encourage anyone with lymphoedema to seek added care and support from her. She has made a huge difference to me and my outlook on living with lymphoedema.

Brenda (West Pennant Hills)

~ ~ ~

For more then 4 years I have suffered. With numerous trips to many different doctors, being prescribed antidepressants, having brain scans and upteen blood tests, I had given up on ever feeling normal again, until I found Aaryan.

Aaryan listened to everything I had to say. After I bombarded Aaryan with 4 years of feeling low, exhausted and completely disconnected from myself she started me on a recovery program. This involved taking a combination of vitamins and following a well balanced diet. Not only did Aaryan give me advice at my initial consultation, but she also takes the time to type up a nutrition plan and provided me with extra information on Adrenal Fatigue via Email.

It has been just 2 months since I first met Aaryan and although I am not completely back to 100% I have rapidly improved. I am so graeful for the time that Aaryan devoted to me.

Aaryan is a warm and inviting person and I have recommended her to all of my friends and family.

D. (Werrington County)

~ ~ ~

“In 2010 I had a run of Medical diagnosis which quiet frankly threw me into a spin. Starting with the discovery of cysts on my Brain, followed by Thyroid cancer resulting in removal of my thyroid and radiation. The radiation had side effects of temporary early Menopause, identification of Ovarian cysts and low calcium/ bone density levels – borderline osteoporosis and I was only 47!

I was being pushed from one Specialist to another – all looking at separate parts of my body. It seemed like every second week it was another Dr and more tests.

This was emotionally draining, it was time to take control and take a holistic approach.

Aaryan took a very detailed history, checked my blood results and suggested some dietary changes and a range of supplements. Aaryan spent considerable time researching and suggested recipes, websites, snack ideas and general lifestyle changes.

Aaryan spent time explaining the supplements and dietary changes, providing alternatives to my favourite foods (ice cream! and taking into consideration budget constraints.

On my second last visit Aaryan suggested a new supplement for the Ovarian Cyst which my Specialist gave me 2 months then operation. The last scan showed the cyst had collapsed on itself and I was saved another Operation, coincidence or not?

At each visit Aaryan listened to me and was genuinely excited by me progress, I would often get SMS’s checking how I was going.

As to my progress, it has been 6 months now and my energy levels are so much better than before – I feel like I am in control of my body again. While I still see my normal Dr’s, Aaryan has been an integral part of my recovery process.

If you are facing health challenges, or just ant to improve the quality of your life give Aaryan a ring you may be surprised with the changes in your life”

Jenny (St Clair)