Herbal Medicine

Does herbal medicine really work?

Anecodatal evidence for the use of herbs in the treatment of health conditions is increasingly been validated by research undertaken in clinical trials. Below is a list of some of the conditions Aaryan has effectively used herbs in:

  • General Colds and Flus (The majority of colds and flu are viral. Certain herbs have antiviral action which is useful for when antibiotics are ineffective)
  • Menopause and associated symptoms such as hotflushes, irritability, anger, teariness and insomnia
  • Boosting milk supply while breastfeeding
  • Colds and Flu
  • Anxiety, Stress
  • Fatigue, ┬áTiredness
  • Hormonal balance, Thyroid, Irreglular periods
  • Period pain, Irregular Periods
  • Insomnia; sleep latency (inability to fall asleep) and sleep quality
  • Constipation, Diarrohea, IBS
  • Heartburn, indigestion
  • Chronic poor immunity, Cystic Fibrosis
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Children’s Health Complaints
  • Hayfever and allergies
  • Skin disorders and infections

Are herbal medicines safe?

Just because something is “natural” does not automatically deem it safe for you even if it worked for your best friend. Herbalists like Aaryan have studied herbs in great detail and are trained to determine which particular herbs suit your particular circumstances. Did you know that some herbs can interact with your prescription drugs? When prescribed by a professional, herbs can be safely used for babies, children, during pregnancy, and whilst breastfeeding. Herbalists will also prescribe a dose that is specific for you and when prescribing for children, Aaryan will prescribe a dose based on their weight.

Taking Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines can be taken in a variety of ways to suit your age, preferences and your particular health issues.

  • Liquid Herbs
  • Tablet or Capsule
  • Tea (infusion or decoction)
  • Powder
  • Creams or Ointments
  • As a food

Aaryan has a herbal dispensary at her clinic so that she can prepare individual liquid herb prescriptions for you at the time of your appointment.