Naturopathy for Children (0-18 years of age)

Is Naturopathy beneficial for children?

Babies through to adolescents respond very well to naturopathic treatment. Aaryan has successfully assisted parents support their children with a range of health concerns such as chronic diarrhea, constipation, breastfeeding difficulties, asthma, eczema, recurrent infections, common colds, introduction of solids, hay fever, sinusitis, nappy rash, indigestion, fussy eaters, bloating, sleep problems, anxiety, adolescent acne, mild depression, anxiety, stress, period pain, poor dietary habits, obesity and poor weight gain. Aaryan always encourages open communication with your child’s other healthcare providers so that your child has the best possible care.

What happens during your child’s consultation?

Aaryan will take a thorough case history with careful consideration of your childs age, diet, family history, specific nutritional needs, growth, development and their individual needs. Depending on your child’s age and willingness Aaryan may use iridology, nail and tongue diagnosis and or perform a zinc taste test if indicated to check zinc levels. If Aaryan feels it necessary she can refer your child for stool analysis, hair mineral analysis or food intolerance testing. Aaryan may also ask you to keep a comprehensive food diary to track your child’s diet and food intake. Aaryan will tailor an individualised treatment program for your child which may include dietary suggestions, recipe ideas, meal plans, nutritional and herbal supplements, lifestyle suggestions, herbal creams, or Bach Flower Remedies.

My child is so fussy, how can I get them to change their diet or take supplements?

As a mother, Aaryan can fully comprehend the challenges faced by parents and their children. Aaryan aims to set realistic treatment goals. Her role is to help you find solutions however challenging that may seem to you. There is a range of ways your child can recieve a supplement if they need it such as tasty teas, powders, pleasant tasting liquid herbs, onitments, creams and for older children their are tablets and capsules. If indicated Aaryan will provide you with healthy, tasty recipes to tempt even the fussiest of eaters.