Pregnancy Massage in Coffs Harbour

Before you ask, yes pregnancy massage is safe for most women when done by a professional massage therapist.

I run through a comprehensive pregnancy case history with all my pregnancy clients before their initial treatment. I allow extra time at my followups to run through any concerns or changes a mother might be experiencing. This not only helps me identify any potential risks but also helps me to individualise all my treatments so that I can tailor the treatment for the mother.

I have a specialised pregnancy massage table that allows mothers to lie face down while the baby is safely held in a sling. As the pregnancy progresses the sling is easily adjusted ensuring ongoing comfort throughout the entire pregnancy. Honestly, this is one of the only times the Mums will not feel pregnant as they blissfully lie down on this specialised table.

13 years ago I started working in a professional clinic under the guidance of a midwife. Over the years I’ve continued to enjoy pregnancy massage and this has grown to become one of my specialty treatments. As a university trained naturopath and nutritionist I also have the additional knowledge to support my pregnancy clients that little bit further when needed.

I work from a professional health clinic in the beautiful village of Nana Glen which is a short 20 minute picturesque drive from Coffs Harbour.

Those on holidays are also welcome to make an appointment. If you are holidaying in Coffs Harbour and you are wanting a pregnancy massage I suggest you book well in advance to avoid missing out.

For consultations and pregnancy gift vouchers you can call 0414 344 865 or


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